What do Most Customers Not Know About KFC and McDonald’s?

This is the experience of someone working at MCdonalds.

Here’s his experience :

– Burgers and potatoes only have a shelf life of 10-15 minutes, the rest must be discarded.
– Employees can bring home food, with manager’s approval.
– Apple pie is good to eat with ice cream cone.
– Fries are also good to eat with ice cream cones.
– It appears that the place you eat is only sprayed with antiseptics.
– McDonalds is very profitable, even though the franchise is expensive.
– That employees will highly appreciate customers who clean their tables and throw leftovers into trash cans.

McDonalds and KFC

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One thought on “What do Most Customers Not Know About KFC and McDonald’s?

  1. Surely the answer on the top is “the best”, at least from the franchise owner or he’s in a good position. I myself have been eating fast food for more than 5 years. experience from employees to training in Jakarta clearly shows how
    “Not healthy” business management, both material, and management.

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