What Happens if a Cat’s Whiskers are Cut?

Do not cut it, poor cat … the cat immediately became a disabled cat. Cat whiskers are very important to survive. He could not find food, so it was not effective in hunting, & it was easy to get stuck in a narrow place. Cats can measure the width of the slit using a mustache, if the left and right ends of the mustache can pass, the whole body of the cat can pass, if the mustache is cut, it can be stuck & clamped in a narrow place.

Cat's Whiskers

The cat’s whiskers actually stick deeply into the skin & muscles of the cat’s face & are very sensitive to movement. If there are insects that nudge or touch the tip of the whiskers so little, the cat immediately knows the exact position of the insect. And the cat could be said to be “acute nearsightedness” he could not see anything in the distance below 5-10 cm before his eyes. If there is an insect or food that approaches his face, the cat will rely on his mustache, his mustache will be moved forward. So that the cat can determine exactly where the insect / object is with its mustache without looking & without eyes, & can be torn to pieces immediately. Now if the mustache is cut, he will lose the trace of the insect in front of his face exactly.

Plissss plisss have mercy on the cat, don’t cut the mustache.

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One thought on “What Happens if a Cat’s Whiskers are Cut?

  1. Because cat whiskers have a number of functions, so it’s best not to cut cat whiskers.

    Well if suppose the cat doesn’t have a mustache, then the cat will find it difficult to find prey. Why is that? because the cat’s whiskers are connected to many nerves because that cat’s whiskers are very sensitive or sensitive. Cat whiskers can also detect changes in air currents. because it is sensitive to the mustache air flow can also help cats in hunting

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